Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Youth town

Last term Room 19 had been going to youth town every Tuesday.
Youth town is a sports program that come to your school and teach you new sport and games that you may have not heard or played before. We played sport like basketball and hockey and we played games similar golden child.


Qing Qing said...

GOOD JOB Eliani! I love your paragraph
Keep up the good work!
Qing Qing

Richelle said...

I liked the way you added detail to your paragraph I also liked the way you added punctuation.

Paige said...

Well done Eliani, I like how you explained what you learnt at Youthtown. I also liked how you used topic vocabulary in your paragraph like term, Room 19, Youthtown, Tuesday, sports program, basketball, games, hockey and golden child. Next time I think you could add more detail into your paragraph.