Friday, 26 June 2015

Finding Information in the Text

                                          My Reflection
I have been learning about the brain. my favourte actvitiy was getting the facts. I've learnt a lot about  the brain my next step is to finish it and work faster

Colour Poem

My Reflection
We have been learning to do colour poem using similes and metaphors. I found it hard to think of the sentences I found it fun because I have'int tried something like this before my next step is to not get side tracked.

Kaitiaki Art

My Refletion
This is my Kaitiaki Art  I chose Tu we had to go on this website called cooled text to find are words  for are gods i found it hard to draw it my next step is to stay on task.  

Term 2 Week 8


last week we took the van to go to te-tuhi.  We were to nosie so the driver put talking tom on his phone.
when we got there we were waiting for the rest of the class when they got there Jerime came through the door he told us to go to the art room when we got to  the art room there were bottles and garden plants every were for us to make.  We were making a vertical garden  we needed a bottle a maker to make it pretty our
 bottle.Once we made our bottle pretty we put stones soil and our plant in I chose beans.  When every body was finish we had a look at some art work and videos and tried to think what they used for the video.once we came back to school we eat some lunch.