Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Finding and Summarising Information in a Non-Fiction Test

I have been learning to find and summarise information in a non-fiction text.  I read a book about butterflies and learnt some facts.  I used the information I found to do a comparison with Khalidah who learnt about butterflies.  Here is our Venn Diagram:

My Reflection
i am learning to
find information in a non fiction book by skimming and scanning skimming is when we read quickly over the text to get a idea of what the book is about scanning is when we look for specific information in the text and we look for key words phrases i read a book about bees i budded up with Khalihdah to compare are animals using vean diagrams i found it trickey because we needed to find heaps of information my next step is to know more aboat  bees