Thursday, 31 March 2016

Term 1 Maths Evidence

In maths I have been learning to improve my knowledge and understanding of numbers.
I was able to round my numbers really well because I find rounding quite easy because I know the number rounding rules.
Next time I want to improve on ordering numbers up to 100,000 because I got
a bit confused at the end.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Reading Evidence Term 1 - Friends

My Reflection

We have been reading the story “Friends” by Joy Cowley.    Writing questions and asking questions are important because they help me understand what I am reading better.

I have learnt there are 4 different sorts of questions and they are think and search, on my own, author and me and right there. I was able to use detail because instead of they I did Snake and Lizard.

Next time I will try to write questions like on my own and author and questions.

Room 6 Buddy Class


Room 6 is our buddy class for 2016.  Every week we have been meeting our buddies and have shared stories with them, had a shared lunch under the tree and we found out some secret information about them and designed some bookmarks to give them.

I really enjoy visiting my buddy because she's super kind.