Thursday, 29 October 2015

My Character Description

                                                  MY REFLECTION
We were learning to write a character description.I found it hard to describe the grandpa.My next step is to write more character descriptions.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Term 4 wk 2

Last week on Friday we started something called fantastic Friday.
   what you do is you get some choices like sewing+knitting,vintage games,science,sports around the world and ukulele.
I got in sewing and knitting.
 But she let some of us change because they  didn't think it will just be sewing and knitting they thought it will be different types of craft stuff.I got changed to vintage games but i couldn't find the class I was supposed to be in.  but luckily i found the class just in time  when i walked in they were just teaching  us how to play this how you play if you don't know you need to  have a packet off knuckle bones but if you don't you can use rocks pretty much you can use any thing small.first you have to put all of the knuckle bones on the palm of your hand and throw it up in the air and flip tour hand but you have to keep your hand straight  and not throw it to high if you do it will heart because it will bang on your hand next once you have done that you spread all of them on the floor and pick one up then you throw it up and try pick on up every time if you miss its the other persons turn. After you kind of do the same thing but instead you pick up two.a  on after  that you do the same thing again but you pick up three. then you have to pick all four and that is it. The hard thing was that we had to play it with the fake jelly beans and they were a bit slippery so I kept on dropping it.We got to play until the bell rang then we went to class.