Friday, 25 September 2015

Improper Fractions

  • What is an Improper Fraction?So an improper fraction is a fraction where the top number (numerator) is greater than or equal to the bottom number
  • What is a Mixed Fraction?We can use either an improper fraction or a mixed fraction to show the same amount
  • How do you change a Mixed Fractions to an Improper Fraction?
  • How do you change an Improper Fraction to a Mixed Fraction?
  • How does division with remainders relate to Mixed Fractions?
  • Explanation Writing Plan

    I have been learning how to make a explanation.I found IT easy because I already new how to make a wind chime my next step is to be more quick


    I was learning how to write a explanation  first I had to watch a video to learn how to make a milk shake there was 3 choices there was how to tackle ,how to do elastics,  how to make a milk shake
    I found it easy because i could just keep on watching the video when I forget.  My next step is to be more qiuck

    Monday, 14 September 2015

    Kensuke's Kingdom

    My Reflection
    I was learning to use my experiences to relate to the characters. I had to pretend to be the interviewer. I found it hard because didn't know what questions to say.


    Monday, 7 September 2015

    Kensuke's Kingdom

                                                       My Reflection
    I am learning to extend my knowledge of new vocabulary.I had to guess what the words meant and find the definition. I found this work easy and hard at the same time because I found it hard to understand the sentence. My next step is to use these words while I am writing.

    Friday, 4 September 2015


    I was leaning Geometry I found it easy but at some points i also found it hard and some times I get confused  the edges and corner vertices my next step is to not get confused so i can get it finished fast