Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Basic Facts

I am really proud of my score even though I didn't get 100. but I think I need to pratice my division and my 9 x tables .

I am happy of my results even though I did get a lower score.  I think the reason that I got a lower score is because i tried to do a new strategy by doing the hard ones first and the easy ones last.  But it didn't work because i took a bit long trying to figure them out.  Next time I am going to stick with my old strategy by doing the ones I know first and the hard ones last.

I am super happy with my result also because I got higher then last time but i still lower than my march score.
I need to practice my 7x tables.  My next step is to get higher than my march score.

Im super proud of my score i got i tried a new strategy similar to my last one. I try to answer all of them but in the rows they are put in. I think I am going to stick with that stratergy because i got a  higher score than last time. i got 94 witch is 16 more than  June.

Im happy with my score even though i only got one point higher but at least i got higher my next step is to get over 95.

I got the near the same score as last time i got 96 even though it wasn't much of an improvement at least i got one point higher my goal for next month is to get over 97

I did not get over 97 yet but Im still happy because this time we only gave us 5 minutes 30.That means I can still get near the same score even with a 30 second difference.My next step for November is to get all  of the equations  right by working hard on my  times tables because the times tables are the equations i get stuck on.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Maths evidence




Walt : plot fractions on a number line

I was able to identify the numerator on a fraction and I understand the bigger the numerator the larger the fraction.  I understand that a unit fraction is when the numerator is always 1.

Next time I will practise making improper fractions because sometimes I get confused making the whole numbers as well as the fraction.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Art evidence


WALT :  create a piece of zentangle art using different patterns and using analogous colours.

I was able to use analogous colours. 

My next step is to think of more patterns so I don't keep on repeating the same patterns.

Reading Vocabulary Popplet Evidence

                                            MY REFLECTION

Walt : actively seek to extend my knowledge of new vocabulary and words that mean the same.

I was able to replace words that I didn’t know with synonyms that I thought meant the same eg. evaluate with decide/judge.

Next time I will try and use some of the new vocabulary that I have learnt in my writing.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Autumn poem


In writing this term we have been trying to use interesting vocab eg
crying to sobbing.

I learnt how to use personification witch is when you give an animal or an object a human quality.

Next time I will try brain storm my ideas so i don,t have to keep on changing the sentences.